About District

Gariaband District is one of the nine new districts formed in Chhattisgarh, operational from January 1, 2012, ceremonially launched by Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh on January 11, 2012. Gariaband district was carved out of Raipur district and has its headquarters at Gariaband town. Dhamtari and Mahasamund are the neighbours district. The district covers an area of ​​5822.861 sq.km. is full of natural resources. "Parry" and "Sodhur" river flows north from here and makes "Triveni Sangam" Rajim together. By building Orissa state border flows "Tel River". Rajim is a famous pilgrimage center of the district, which is also called robert. Every year a "Kumbh Mela" is held from Magh Purnima to Maha Shivaratri. The district is divided into geographical area of ​​the five talukas Gariaband(726.12 sq.km), Chhura(714.62 sq.km), Mainpur(670.52 sq.km), Devbhog(301.53 sq.km) and Rajim(474.27 sq.km) respectively. The Gariaband, Chhura and Mainpur blocks are Multiplicity of Tribals. There is four urban bodies in the district in which one Municipality(Gariaband) and three Nagar Panchayat (Rajim, Chhura and Fingeshwar). Area of "Gariaband Forest" is 1951.861 sq.km and "Udanti Sita Nadi Tiger Reserve" covers 983.94 sq.km. Gariaband district starts at the ancient temples of Rajim. Being a plan area Figenshwar development block is an irrigated and equiped with modern agriculture methods. Chhura block has created his name as famous tourist places such as "Jatmayi" and "Ghatarani. Baruka Aniket, Tonhidabri, Ramaipot including Rasela near to Malaygiri mountain of Orissa border are forest and plain area. Gariaband block has rich in resources such as Saal and Teak including forest area from the confluence of the Parry and Sodhur river making Dhamtari border.