History of the district

During the Bitish period Gariaband district was part of Mahasamund tehsil. Initially Gariaband district was called Bindranawagarh tehsil. Aimed to expand public access to administrative facilities, splitted into sub-tehsils Fingeshwar, Chhura, Deobhog and Mainpur respectively. The certified documents of Bindranawagarh are not enough available but according to hearsay and certain evidence it is the administrative region of Tribal Kings and Landlords. Bindranawagarh and Gariaband were the main administrative area. In 1901, Gond Tribal Kings had moved their capital at Chhura.

Archeology of the district

The beginning of the Gariaband district starts from ancient temples of Rajim. In the district the chief religious, historical and at the confluence of Mahanadi, Parry and Sodhur “Rajim” is important ancient town. The temple is famous for beautiful Vishnu temple. Kuleshwar temple has a worship room and porch. The temples cell open towards the porch which is a narrow room, standing pillars are lined in two rows. The temple was built in the 14th or 15th century. Group of several temples in the city in which Rajiv Lochan Temple is one that. The prestigious main statues queness quadrilateral is Vishnu, which has all the usual signs. Inside the temple on a wall there are two inscription of different periods, one inscription is probably the 8th or 9th century. The Rajiv Lochan Temple is surrounded by seven beautiful and sacred temple. It is relatively modern. Rajiv Lochan Temple is located on plaform of 18m long and 8m wide and 2.5m high. Temple’s pavilion are 12 meters long and 5 meters wide. Apart from that there are Rajeshwar Temple, Daneshwar Temple, Jagannath Temple and Ram Temple.